Woody fragrance

Wooden fragrances remind us of dewy undergrowth combined with resin or freshly cut wood. They can be described as a slightly earthy, spicy mixture - anyone who at least once went for a walk in the forest after rain, will certainly be able to recognize this scent. The woody group, although not numerous, also has a range of characteristic scents that are almost impossible to confuse. These include, among others, cedar, mahogany, sandalwood, spruce, pine. The deep aroma coming from the woody scents soothes the senses and brings emotional balance. Soy candles with woody fragrance perfectly combine in compositions with fruit and flower group giving the room a noble, deep scent. Candles will perfectly fit into houses built of wood / logs and those decorated in a rustic and oriental style.

Sandalwood soy candle owes its aroma to Sandalwood, which grows naturally mainly in India, Indonesia, Australia and other warm Pacific islands. Its subtle, sweet and spicy scent has been appreciated worldwide, and its oil has become one of the most frequently used oils in spas, aromatherapy and scented candles. Used orally, it has strong anti-bacterial and gastrointestinal properties, while the scent of the burning candle itself improves concentration and is therefore ideal for yoga or meditation as well as a strong aphrodisiac. Legend has it that the scent of sandalwood floated in Cleopatra's bedroom.

Sandalwood spreads a wonderful scent not only alone - amber, sandalwood and leather candle is a proposal for those craving even better scent experience. Sandalwood remains dominant in this composition, but in combination with amber and leather they gain a new envelope. From a subtle scent, they begin to move to a higher level, increasing sophistication, elegance - luxury.

More than a dozen million years old, valued and loved by our country amber, leather and sandalwood give the interior a completely new character: it is elegant, expressive and classy. With this candle, cold winter evenings will become warmer.

A fresher proposal for people craving for energy and new sensations is a scented candle bamboo and cedar. Originally from the tropical and subtropical parts of Asia, so eagerly eaten by the Great Panda, bamboo is a plant with a wide range of uses: as food for animals, building material, used for decorative purposes. Its scent is fresh, and when combined with energizing cedar, an aroma is created that transports us to a vast bamboo forest. Tall vegetation limits sunlight, and in the middle of the forest stands an old wooden temple. Bamboo and cedar soy candle intrigues, stimulates curiosity and relaxes after physical exertion.

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