Sweet fragrance

Vanilla, caramel, chocolate - sweets often accompany us as an addition to nice events in our lives. We buy them when we want to show someone our feelings or show that we want to thank the gifted person so that he or she notices and appreciates our gratitude. They also make a small gift to add to the main gift for special occasions. For this reason, soy candles with scents that belong to the sweet ones are the perfect gift for lovers of sweets and more intense aromas. A scent full of sweetness brings relaxation and solace, but it can also induce an appetite.

The chocolate candle has always been a hit and a frequent choice, but no wonder. Who of us has not tasted chocolate at least once, and how many of us cannot tear themselves away from it after eating a single bar? Not only the taste of chocolate is a wonderful paradise for the senses, but also its smell. According to research, not only the taste of chocolate raises the level of dopamine production, but also its smell! What in practice results in evoking a sense of happiness and improved mood. Chocolate candles are suitable for everyone and will work well for everyday use while relaxing, at a romantic dinner or at a family afternoon snack, although their biggest advantage is that you won't get fat from the smell alone.

The aroma of vanilla is well known to everyone. Candles made of natural wax with the scent of vanilla wrap us gently, but they are not intense and imposing, although the scent of vanilla can be considered strong, perfectly confident. Its distinct note immediately transports us to the tropical forests of South and Central America, where this inconspicuous spice originated: there we find rich vegetation abounding in a whole host of different flowers and fruits. The light sweetness of vanilla candles can well relax both the body and the mind - it is a guarantee of pleasantly spent moments that color our world, taking us away from the gray everyday life.

For vanilla lovers who want to experience it from a slightly different perspective, we created Rose Petal & Ice Cream candle - rose petals and vanilla ice cream. The smell is strong, rose petals give it freshness and lightness, and vanilla ice cream boldly tempts with its strong fragrance, which can create a cozy atmosphere. The rose petals and vanilla ice cream candle is the perfect choice for a feminine home or for treats and coffee with your best friends.

Soy candle truffles, chocolate and vanilla is a choice for people who love sweet fragrances. After closing our eyes, we appear in the chocolate factory: it is here that different fragrances are mixed together, but in such a way that a balance is maintained. Walking through it, we encounter caramel with white chocolate, caramel cookies or the famous vanilla-chocolate duet. The sweet chocolate is surrounded by the subtle, spicy notes of vanilla, resulting in a matched pair. Truffles, known as the world's most expensive mushrooms growing underground, which are characterized by a spicy-musk aroma complete the composition.

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