Fruity fragrance

The family of fruity fragrances is smaller than the floral ones, but equally interesting in terms of diversity. Scents belonging to one group can be very different from each other - some are characterized by a delicate sweetness allowing to enjoy the moment, others with their crispness refresh the air and add more energy to motivate us to action, and still others are a combination of these two compositions.

Mangoes are a common ingredient in desserts, ice creams, juices and snacks. Soy candle with mango fragrance is a true king of compromises, who does not like one-sided solutions. Its light sweetness and excellent refreshment can bring harmony and balance. By choosing mango scented candles in gratitude we will be transported to the vicinity of the equator, where on the island of paradise nothing better will meet us than a chilled mango cocktail.

In contrast to the mango, soy candle with the aroma of forest fruits will take us away from the island of paradise and move a little further north directly to the coniferous forests. Among the tall pines, firs and spruces, wild berries grow on small bushes between the still damp green moss wrapped in the morning dew. Their tempting color encourages us to eat them. The scent of forest fruits will be perfect for those who want to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city, who dream of resting in the bosom of nature in peace and quiet. Forest fruits candle is a perfect company during the cool autumn and winter evenings spent at home by the fireplace. Be warned, however: using a Magic wood & berries candle may risk teleporting you to an enchanted, fantastic forest where nothing is as it really is.

But if the fruits of the forest were not enough, their cousin, the ripe Santiago Huckleberry, comes out to meet our expectations! Despite the similarity, the blueberry scented natural wax candle takes us on a walk from the forest to the city. We appear in South America, more specifically in Santiago - the capital of Chile. Fresh, still slightly bitter blueberry combined with an intense note of vanilla helps to relax and immerse in dreams of distant travels.

Of course, the assortment does not lack something for the constantly thirsty and full of energy, but within the borders of our country. Poland is at the forefront of apple production. Our Polish apples are a popular, healthy snack and at the same time a real delicacy that we should be proud of. The apple scented soy candle is a classic, but you couldn't do without it. Many of us remember the aroma of fresh apples from our childhood and vacations in the countryside - we know it well. Apple improves appetite, gives energy and brings back wonderful memories. A perfect choice for autumn evenings spent with family and close friends.

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