Fresh fragrance

The family of fresh scents was created by mother nature, and we decided to enclose these scents in candles so that at any time of the day, even for a moment, we could move to any place in the world. This unusual journey will help us to regenerate, soothe our nerves and relax. Fresh notes are specialists in motivating to action, they instantly add energy and do not allow for boredom. We often associate them with various places such as the beach, mountains, moist deciduous forest or coniferous forest enveloped in the air with a delicate scent of pine needles or resin. They are not as numerous as the floral family, nor as distinctive as the woody or oriental - but they have something special about them, and there is no equal to them in everyday use.

Fresh fragrances include one of the oldest fragrance groups, citrus. Once, they were most often used in cosmetics for men, nowadays, they are common and can be found in cosmetics, perfumes, candles, or air fresheners. The same group also includes water and green fragrances (cucumbers, freshly cut grass). On the borderline between fresh and floral fragrances is the family of fruity fragrances, which is characterized by a sweet note combined with a refreshing one.


The ocean scented candle describes not only the water, but all the scenery surrounding it. We are calmly stepping on fine white sand, which has gained an orange-yellow glow under the influence of the rising sun. In the distance we can hear the gentle sound of ocean waves crashing on the beach until only white foam remains. The wind brushes our hair and skin while palm trees rustle with their branches. The whole thing makes us feel alive, relaxed and unable to stop enjoying this moment. This is the smell of the ocean closed in the candles. Refreshes, refreshes the air and improves our mood. Gently sour, originating from Southeast Asia, lime is a classic addition to chilled drinks or cocktails and cocktails, best exemplified by the famous Mojito.

Although it is not as popular as lemon or grapefruit, it still looks much better in some fragrances. This green fruit feels perfect in the company of beautifully blooming verbena. Lime and verbena soy candle will be a good choice when doing physical activity: yoga, morning stretching exercises or meditation. The refreshing aroma, which comes straight from the evergreen and verdant rainforests, helps you focus, calm down and energize.

Just like lime, red orange belongs to the citrus family. As the name suggests, red oranges have red flesh and are slightly sweeter and juicier than regular oranges. Candle created from natural wax with a scent of red orange and goji berries also known as berries of youth and counted among the so-called "superfoods" wraps with its citrus-fresh aroma throughout the apartment creating a cozy atmosphere and although the window may appear snow can warm up the whole body. Due to its sweet scent of oranges will create a truly festive atmosphere at the Christmas table.

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