Floral fragrance

Natural wax candles with floral scents are the candles with the widest family of scents by far. Why is it that the floral group is the largest? The answer to this question is extremely simple: there are many species of flowers, and each has its own unique scent. Flowers bloom in most zones on Earth and differ from each other not only in soil requirements, humidity, color or petal size, but it is the scent that makes us immediately recognize which plant is producing this wonderful aroma.

Certainly, the first choice of flower lovers will be candles from this fragrance group, but they are also very often chosen among most consumers, mainly because of their versatility and wide range of scents. Exactly the same is with the flowers themselves - in themselves they are suitable for most occasions, but depending on the circumstances we give others different species, for example, mothers for Mother's Day will most often get tulips or roses, while for a funeral the safest option is white: chrysanthemums, white roses, lilies. For a romantic evening the classic will be red roses.

Soy candle with a floral scent - which one to choose?

A large selection of candles with floral fragrance compositions can prove to be something wonderful for some, and others can feel lost and indecisive. If we are not sure what composition to choose it is worth trying to imagine your dream garden. Is it created in a particular style: English, Japanese? What flowers would you like to plant there - should their scent be delicate or intense, what colors dominate in your garden? This simulation will help us find what we like best and make a choice we're happy with.

If, despite everything, we still can not make a decision, then with the help of some universal fragrance compositions will come to us.

Soy candles with a rose scent wrap a pleasant, delicate fragrance and are suitable for most rooms - they will help to relax in the bath or while relaxing with a book in the living room after a hard day at work. Rose compositions are light and tender, soothing the nerves and supporting the regeneration of the body.

Another classic proposal, which will take us to the real Provence is the famous purple lavender, which is responsible for improving the mood. Lavender candles work well in summer - the scent of lavender effectively repels mosquitoes and midges.

If we are fascinated with East Asia, Japanese plum soy candle will be a perfect choice in the period between the end of February and April - this is the time when in Japan, but also in China, huge amounts of Japanese apricot, also called Japanese plum, start to bloom. Candle with this fragrance will immediately take our imagination and mind far to the east, where we can lie down on the soft grass and smell this beautiful composition of fragrance of falling apricot petals carried with a light gust of wind.

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