How to use natural bath bombs?

What are bath bombs?

It might seem that bath balls (or otherwise known as bombs) are mainly for children and are mainly meant for fun, but nothing could be further from the truth! In recent years, the popularity of bath bombs has increased dramatically, and no wonder, as they are now one of the best additions you can make to your bath. Effervescent bath balls are the perfect recipe for a relaxing evening after a hard day at work, when all you can think about is relaxing. Their nutritious composition, combined with colour and aroma, makes one small ball contain everything that will improve our mood and help regenerate our body, and we will feel like in a real SPA. They are recommended to all lovers of long and hot baths, who willingly add to them all kinds of salts, liquids or crystals. In addition, bath balls look beautiful and you can usually find them packed in elegant boxes, so even if you do not use them temporarily, they can be a perfect decoration of your bathroom.

What does a bath ball consist of?

A bath ball is usually made up of many components. The "base" that makes up a bath ball can be citric acid or baking soda - these are simple ingredients and probably all of us know them. They are responsible for the effervescent effect when we drop our ball into the water.

Another essential ingredient is oils, which contain valuable skin-nourishing properties while also creating a protective coating that prevents water loss from the skin. In addition to oils, the ball may contain ingredients responsible for moisturising the skin.

The last element is the fragrance composition and the colour. There are many different combinations available on the market, so we can easily choose a ball with the scent and colour that suits us best.

How do I use a bathing ball?

Using a bath ball is extremely quick and easy and no one should have any problems with it. In order to get the most out of the ball, it is advisable to massage or scrub your whole body before bathing to remove dead skin and allow the nutrients to be better absorbed. Fill the bathtub with water at the temperature you like the most because the ball works the same regardless of the water temperature, then put it in the water and wait until it disperses its colour and the unique aroma starts wafting through the air. The optimum bath time is around 20-30 minutes, but it is up to us how much we want.

It is best to store the bath balls in a cool place, away from heat sources such as radiators and other electrical appliances. Take care that they do not absorb moisture (especially if you store them in the bathroom) - for this purpose, it is best to protect the ball e.g. with a string bag, but most products of this type are already protected by the manufacturer.

Are bath balls disposable?

If someone is just beginning his/her adventure with this type of product and has never used it before after seeing a large ball, he/she may think that they are reusable and nothing will happen if he/she gets the ball wet and then takes it out of the water to have a portion left for the next bath. Sometimes, one bath ball has been factory divided by the manufacturer in half or in more parts. In this way you can use it more than once, but unfortunately a ball that has already been thrown into the water and started to sparkle cannot be used again. The balls come in many different sizes, so you can customise and choose one that fits the size of your bath and how much water you use per bath. Sometimes, instead of one large ball of a given weight, we can buy, for example, four smaller balls of the same weight for the same price.

Are bath balls healthy?

It all depends on the chemical composition contained in the bath ball. Natural bath balls have many health properties, which we can select based on the composition to suit the ailment we are experiencing. A bath ball with geranium oil has an antibacterial effect and soothes nervous tension, whereas lavender oil, apart from its beautiful fragrance, soothes irritations and improves blood circulation in the skin, as well as stimulates blood flow, which helps fight cellulite. The addition of shea butter cares for the skin and leaves it soft and smooth after bath.

Bath balls are completely safe for children and for sensitive skin provided that they do not contain artificial chemicals such as fragrances or dyes that may be allergenic, cause skin problems or disrupt hormonal functioning.

Which bath balls should I choose?

Bath balls can make a great gift. Due to the variety and ever-increasing creativity shown by manufacturers, we can buy one for every possible occasion whether it is a birthday, Mother's Day or Christmas. A themed or personalised ball is an original gift and the recipient will certainly be pleased to receive a ball with their favourite scent and colour. It may seem that bath balls are a product aimed exclusively at women and children, but the wide range of products on offer also includes those that may appeal to men. These include bath bombs with intense and deep woody scents, energising citrus fragrances or those with the addition of activated carbon, which strongly cleanses and detoxifies the skin and at the same time gives the ball a black colour.

We can also make the bath bomb ourselves - it will be easier to choose, because we know our preferences and we know what we like. Choosing the right ball depends also on what effect we want to achieve. If we want an energizing bath, which will give us energy and vitality, it is worth to reach for those with a citrus aroma: oranges, grapefruits, lemon or lime. If we want something more relaxing, it's worth reaching for the "sweets" such as chocolate, vanilla, banana with strawberry or caramel. For lovers of floral fragrances there is also no shortage of choice - rose, lavender or magnolia balls are classic scents that never go out of fashion. There are also thematic fragrances, which are worth knowing and trying out, such as Christmas gingerbread or balls in the shape of Easter eggs. Nature" fragrances are also common in the form of bath balls with ocean or rainforest aromas, which can instantly transport you to your dream island paradise.

Natural bath balls

Natural bath balls are based solely on extracts from plants, fruits and other naturally occurring ingredients which do not harm the environment in any way. Although baking soda and citric acid, which are often added, are not harmful to the environment, you can find bath bombs that do not contain these ingredients, which are successfully replaced by potato starch and butter (e.g. shea, cocoa). Natural bath balls have many positive effects on our skin, mood and body, and their use does not pollute the environment with unnecessary chemicals that can cause illnesses and poison the environment.

Exclusive bath balls

For more demanding people who are bored with basic fragrance groups and are looking for something more, there are special exclusive bath balls with the scent of whisky or the famous Italian Prosecco wine. There are also balls smelling of the most famous perfumes, oriental ginger or even those with the addition of argan oil and gold or sandalwood. The original scents of the balls in elegant packaging make it a gift or an addition to a gift not only for family or friends, but also for a person with whom we have more official or business relations.

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