Summer fragrances for the home - How to choose?

The best soy candle fragrance for summer? Choosing a fragrance is, of course, an individual matter, but some scents are perfect for the hot summer days ahead. This is the few months of the year when we enjoy longer daylight hours and increased traffic. We would love the fresh smell of the grass of flowering plants, or the scent of a gentle sea breeze in our homes. Whether you plan to head to a sandy beach or stay closer to home, finding the perfect summer scented candle is a great way to continue the summer experience. That's why, during the summer, we choose scents that coordinate with the weather outside and our experiences.

The summer scents coming out of the atmospherically burning candles will help you go back to the pleasantly spent moments. Long afternoons spent walking in the woods, tropical beaches, evenings at your favourite outdoor restaurants.

In addition, summer candles are ideal for social gatherings, giving the surroundings a beautiful nostalgic scent, as well as acting as a deterrent for stubborn insects. On warm, sunny days, floral and fruity compositions reign supreme, as well as marine and herbal tones.

Which fragrance notes go best with summer candles?

Fragrances that suit the summer season and higher ambient temperatures are usually rich in citrus notes.

Often new summer collections of not only candles but also perfumes are directed towards these notes. Lemon, lime, bergamot, mandarin, orange, grapefruit, pomelo, lychee and the like.

Equally perfect for summer fragrances are crisp notes that are refreshing and cooling. These are herbal notes such as mint, basil, thyme, cardamom, coriander, green and white tea.

Another category equally suited to summer are oceanic, marine fragrances. They usually contain notes of sea salt, lotus, water lily, algae and seaweed.

Floral notes will also work great. Often used lavender, which has many positive features, the smell of blooming roses, or the smell of lilacs, jasmine.

What fragrance to choose for interiors?

Scents are associated with places, it can instantly transport you to a place, moments, memories. Right back to your favourite holiday.

Ocean sea scent

The ocean scented soy candle is perfect for those who want to experience the refreshing scent of salt water crashing against the coast with waves that spread throughout the room, refreshing the entire air in the room. The elegant design, as well as the nostalgic scent, can take us back to pleasant evening moments spent on the beach

The scent of lime and verbena

Another suggestion is the lime and verbena scented soy candle. The combination of the herb verbena with the citrus scent of lime will give our room a refreshingly cooling atmosphere. It will easily transport you to summer moments spent in a summer field. It is a beautiful and intense scent, so it is not difficult to imagine a wide application of this composition in creating beautiful fragrances for summer.

The scent of lotus flower and white tea

The glow of a lit candle in our garden or home is very mesmerising. If you additionally want to give yourself relaxation and indulgence a great choice would be a candle with the scent of lotus flower and white tea. This will be a great start to a refreshing adventure with delicate floral notes.

Lavender scent

The scent of lavender, essential oils are considered one of the most precious. Due to its properties, it has firmly established itself in aromatherapy as well as perfumery. This ingredient is chosen for light and fresh fragrances. It has a stimulating and energising effect. It has a beautiful characteristic smell. An additional advantage is that it repels insects. That is why we recommend the lavender candle as one of the best choices for summer days. Just smell the magical scent of lavender fields.

We all know that the little things we do are so important, especially after the last few years! Enjoy the little things of summer at home, meet that friends, go out for a long evening walk, treat yourself to a beautiful summer scented candle to relax and unwind. Enjoy life!

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