Scented candles for men - a candle is an ideal gift idea

The term "men's scented candles" may sound quite exotic to many of us - after all, we associate scented candles mainly with beautiful, romantic descriptions, flowery scents how loved by women not only on holidays, but also every day, if only to spend a relaxing evening after a hard day. But are candles reserved only for women? Well, no, because they can be enjoyed by absolutely everyone, and when choosing the right fragrance, such a candle turns out to be an ideal gift (or addition to a gift) for a man. 

Masculine fragrances - what kind?

Although there are probably no candles for men, because everyone has the right to use candles that we like the most, there is a specific range of fragrances that most often hit the taste of men. If you have a lot of time to think about what kind of fragrance it is and know the taste of the person who is going to be given the gift, you have a chance to choose one that will be a hit.  Scented candles for men are the perfect addition to the living room, or bedroom. They will also work well in the office - their pleasant scent can improve the quality of work and will fill the air making the space feel unique. They are perfect for relaxing, soothing the senses. A particular scent also shapes a person's perception and can cause us to recall a particular situation when we smell the same aroma again. Surely, more than one woman has ever passed a man on the street, in a lift or at work, who was dragging behind him a tail of beautifully scented perfume. If we smelled the same fragrance again, we would manage to recall the person who used it. The fragrances most often used by men are intense, with character. 

Fruity fragrances

The smell of fresh fruit, especially citrus, has been dominating in products targeted at men for a long time. We can mainly find it in shower gels or perfumes, so a fruit scented candle can be a good choice for active men with a taste for refreshing scents. Lime and Verbena scented candle can be a great choice for a warm summer evening. Lime, due to its strong, yet refreshing and cooling scent, is particularly popular among men and verbena perfectly complements its aroma and together they create a composition that works on the body like a crisp shower on a hot day. 

Wooden scents

When it comes to woody fragrances, men have definitely been in the lead for a long time. Heavier, strong and aromatic fragrances are perfect for evenings with a cigar and whisky on the rocks. Due to the fact that they are woody fragrances, they will go well in wooden interiors as a perfect addition to beautiful oak furniture. Amber, sandalwood and leather scented candle is a scent from the category of those deep, but how mature. This aroma lingers in the air for a long time, envelops the entire room and will not want to leave it for a long time. It will appeal to men who are confident, know what they want from life - have a set goal and persistently pursue it.  Another woody proposal, albeit slightly lighter than its predecessor, is the Bamboo and Cedar candle. It will especially appeal to nature lovers of Southeast Asia and the climate there. After all, where could you find a better refuge from the warm, humid air than in a bamboo forest? The energising addition of cedar makes this candle appealing to lovers of both woody and fresh scents. The entire composition lingers for a long time both in the memory and in the home. 

Fresh fragrances

A truly refreshing category - for active men who like doing sports but also for those dreaming of holidays. One such candle is the ocean scented candle, whose very name says enough and after reading it we know what to expect. The foaming waves created from salt water crashing on the sand hot from the sun. It's a fresh scent of freedom with a hint of holiday character.  The apple scented candle is the one on the borderline between fruity and fresh. Needless to say, it will definitely appeal to the apple lover, but it's no secret that apples have a beautiful, refreshing aroma. Who wouldn't be tempted by freshly squeezed, chilled apple juice with a few ice cubes on a hot day? The slight acidity of the apple perfectly balances its sweetness making the aroma not too sweet, but balanced. 

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