Christmas scented candles - Which ones to choose?

Candles have played an important role in our lives since ancient times. For several centuries, lighting candles was the only way to get light, until the invention of the kerosene lamp, which gave people the opportunity to work or meet after dark. Candles were quite expensive in everyday life, so people tried to limit their use - with one exception. When there was a special occasion many candles were lit, because already then people were aware of the effect of lighted candles on the atmosphere. It is because of this property that we are still using them in the 21st century. Nothing like a candle to lift your mood after a hard day at work, clear your mind of worries and help you relax. A unique feature of candles that no electric powered lamp can duplicate.

What do Christmas soy candles smell like?

With great steps a special period is approaching - throughout the year we do not often have the opportunity to meet together, and yet Christmas is a family time that is worth spending with loved ones. The preparations for Christmas are beginning in earnest: we decorate our homes, clean, bake and cook a variety of delicious dishes, all because we want to create an atmosphere conducive to long holiday meetings. One of the most used decorations are candles - it is hard to imagine Christmas without them. They are a kind of classic, just like the baubles on the Christmas tree, just like the lights hung in the window. We can find them in Christmas decorations, lanterns or at the Christmas table. They will work not only as a beautiful decoration, but can also be a gift. A handmade candle in a tasteful package can be a perfect gift for someone who appreciates climate and harmony.

Everyone associates Christmas with a different scent: it can be tangerines, the smell of freshly baked gingerbread, hot chocolate to drink or mulled wine. The range of "Christmas" scents is huge and will certainly find its admirers with a taste for all kinds of sweet or spicy scents. When we are faced with the choice of a candle, it is worth considering what we associate most with Christmas and what aroma we would like to keep in our home for as long as possible.

Candle with a sweet chocolate scent

Chocolate needs no introduction. Most of us know how it tastes, and in our imagination immediately appear the most delicious chocolate desserts that we ate in our lives. Chocolate is a classic in itself - we can eat chocolate ice cream, drink hot chocolate and even go for a chocolate massage! It boosts our mood, makes us feel happy and gives us more energy. The scent alone evokes a sense of happiness. A classic soy chocolate candle will be a great choice for sweet lovers, and our holiday guests will want to stay longer, too. They will definitely stay for dessert.

Gingerbread scented candle

Most of us consider Christmas to be the best time of the year to bake gingerbread. The spicy aroma, with the addition of ginger and orange peel characteristic of gingerbread perfectly warms up on cold winter evenings and is one of the most distinctive Christmas scents. In combination with a warm blanket, hot mulled wine and the sound of crackling wood in the fireplace, there is nothing better than a piece of chocolate covered gingerbread. Gingerbread soy candle will emphasize the festive atmosphere, and its wooden wick subtly reflects the sounds of burning wood in the fireplace heralding a pleasant evening.

Mulled wine or candle with mulled wine aroma

Mulled wine with gingerbread is the real winter duet that is not easy to resist. One sip of mulled wine with cloves and orange instantly transports us to the mountain regions, where we relax in a wooden house and hear the wind blowing with snow outside. Soy candle with a mulled wine scent can create a unique atmosphere, which is worth breathing and dreaming in the depths of our imagination.

Innocent vanilla

Vanilla along with cinnamon, cloves, and ginger is one of the spices inextricably associated with holidays. Even 500 years ago, when it first arrived in Europe, it became a real rarity. Currently we can often find it in all kinds of desserts and dishes. The scent of vanilla candle is a combination of spicy aroma and sweetness - unique and unobtrusive. Perfect for people in need of relaxation after a stressful day, but not only. The vanilla candle will also work well in a cozy cafe, or as an addition supporting the mood of the Christmas coffee morning with friends and family.

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