Scented candles for men - a candle is an ideal gift idea

But are candles reserved only for women? Well, no, because they can be enjoyed by absolutely everyone, and when choosing the right fragrance, such a candle turns out to be an ideal gift (or addition to a gift) for a man. 

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Summer fragrances for the home - How to choose?

The best soy candle fragrance for summer? Choosing a fragrance is, of course, an individual matter, but some scents are perfect for the hot summer days ahead.

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Christmas scented candles - Which ones to choose?

One of the most used decorations are candles - it's hard to imagine Christmas without them. They are a kind of classic, just like the baubles on the Christmas tree...

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Scented candles how to use and burn - A guide

Scented soy candles, although it may seem that it is enough to light them, if we want the candle to serve us as long as possible we should know a few basic rules.

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Natural or paraffin wax candles?

As a result of the increasing popularity of plastic candles such as paraffin, their ecological substitutes such as candles created from soy wax have appeared.

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