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Soy scented candles are an eco-friendly choice

A wonderful, enveloping aroma, which can be sensed just after crossing the threshold of the house is something that definitely encourages to stay longer. The unique atmosphere of a house is created both by experiences and nice moments collected over the years by its inhabitants and by small touches that give the home space a character. Scent is something that attracts attention from the first moments, evokes associations and remains in the memory for a long time. Each of us would like our home to smell beautiful and make a positive impression both on us and our guests. The answer to these needs are soy candles, which are characterized by a long burning time and gradual release of aroma.

Each soy candle is carefully crafted from soy wax and high quality fragrance oils. Unlike paraffin, which is used to make many popular candles, these ingredients are environmentally friendly and have no negative impact on the natural environment. They are non-toxic, so natural soy wax candles can be safely used in the presence of children, pregnant women, or animals. Each soy candle is made with extreme attention to detail. This affects its high quality, aesthetic appearance and behavior during burning. A precisely selected wooden wick, which has the appropriate length and raw material, makes the candle smokeless. This is of great importance both for the users of these candles and for the environment.


Soy candles owe their long burning time to the fact that the soy wax used for their production has a lower melting point than paraffin. By choosing a product such as a candle made of natural soy wax we gain not only a wonderful aroma at home, but also an ecological and safe solution. Paraffin, which was commonly used in years gone by, has been effectively replaced by an environmentally friendly and economical solution - soy candles.


Soy wax is a raw material obtained during the cultivation of soybeans and is somewhat of a by-product thereof. Its use in the production of eco-friendly candles is therefore of dual importance, because it helps to use this valuable ingredient and to fully appreciate the potential that is hidden in it. Scented candles made of soy wax are characterized by a low melting point, so that we can enjoy their unique fragrance faster and longer.

Soy wax also makes a scented candle during burning does not produce volatile soot (does not smoke). Thanks to this, we do not inhale harmful substances into our body, and they do not settle on objects in our house.

Due to the fact that natural soy wax candles have only wax and fragrance oils in their composition, they can be considered as fully biodegradable, human and environment friendly products. Soy wax has very good functional properties, so there is no need to use any enhancers and chemical additives during candle production. This is unfortunately often the case when scented candles are made from paraffin wax because it has a very distinctive smell and can be difficult to handle. Eliminating these unfavorable properties of paraffin requires the introduction of additional, non-organic ingredients into the production. This is not the case with soy candles - here the wax and fragrance oil alone is enough. Although it must be admitted that soy wax is also superbly combined with dyes and natural additives.

Soy candles also have a beautiful, bright flame that creates a unique atmosphere when burning. They are very easy to cast in a vessel, as soy wax gives a silky and very pleasant to the touch texture that fills the vessel beautifully without any unnecessary additives. A characteristic feature of soy wax is also that it creates a delicate layer on the surface of the candle, which looks like frosted, which provides an additional aesthetic experience.

Everyone who has had the dubious pleasure of removing dirt caused by paraffin candles from clothing or home textiles, will certainly appreciate the advantages of soy candles. Any spots or smudges, which we unintentionally make with a soy candle, can be easily removed with soap and water. This is a great convenience because we do not have to worry about destroying our favorite things. So they are a fantastic solution for vegans who appreciate ingredients that do not disturb the animal world on our planet.

Soy wax used for our candles is a fully ecological product, for the production of which only plant ingredients have been used without unnecessary enhancers and chemicals. By using such a solution in our home, we have a guarantee of safety for our loved ones and the objects we surround ourselves with every day. We also gain what is the essence of scented candles production, that is an extraordinary aroma, which will fill our interiors for a long time. Perhaps it will leave a nice memory in the minds of our guests, or will accompany us while spending wonderful moments at home.

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